Dog Point Winery Of The Month!

This month we are celebrating one of New Zealand's most prestigious wineries, and one of our favourite producers from Marlborough - Dog Point!

Dog Point is one of the oldest privately established vineyards in Marlborough with first plantings in the late 1970s. The vineyard is centrally located at the confluence of the smaller brancott and omaka valleys. This location is widely considered to be a very desirable area for grape growing in the southern valleys of Marlborough.

Ivan and Margaret Sutherland were among the earliest Marlborough wine industry pioneers who planted grapes in Marlborough in the late 1970s. While working at Cloudy Bay Vineyards, Ivan met James Healy, where the pair played an integral part of the evolution of the Cloudy Bay brand. And hence (over time) on the New Zealand wine scene as a whole.

Discovering they shared the same aspirations, Ivan & Margaret and James & Wendy returned to a more 'hands-on' approach launching the Dog Point label in 2004 using fruit from the 2002 vintage. Today, the two couples are actively involved in all facets of the business. Succession plans are in place with the next generation of the Sutherland family involved in running the day to day operations.

Not only an integral part of the New Zealand wine scene since its inception. But also an authentic working farm property with organic philosophies at the centre, with the focus on producing premium quality wine utilising environmentally friendly and responsible practices.

From the people, to the land, to the wine - we're big fans of the Dog Point Brand, and are excited to share these wines with you!



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