Craggy Range

Craggy Range produces a collection of iconic wines from multiple regions in New Zealand. Owner Terry Peabody and his family pursued the single vineyard approach to winemaking, planting on green fields and bare land ensuring a focus on quality from the very beginning.

New Zealand, with its diversity of soils types, offered the perfect location to plant the vines. From the stony, warm soils of the Gimblett Gravels in Hawke’s Bay to the volcanic, clay soils of Te Muna Road in Martinborough these exceptional vineyards produce wines with amazing aromatics, purity and complexity.  Most of the Craggy Range wines are made at their Gimblett Gravels Winery located in the heart of the Gimblett Gravels Winegrowing district in Hawke’s Bay. 

The wines, produced for the Prestige and Family Collections are pure expressions of the unique terroir in which they were grown.  In 1993, Terry Peabody and his wife Mary decided they wanted to create a family legacy, one that could be handed down to future generations. They decided they would create a wine estate somewhere in the world with their desire stemming from the family’s love of fine wine.

Craggy Range was named No. 17 in Worlds Best Vineyards 2020.  Their wines are exceptional and truly represent what New Zealand wines have to offer the world. 


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