Broken Heart Distillery Of The Month!

The story of Broken Heart Gin begins with two Germans living in New Zealand’s Southern Alps, Joerg was a pilot and Bernd an engineer. Both formed their friendship around a still and a passion for perfecting spirits of rare complexity and fine flavour.  Bernd sadly died, where once there had been a life that felt like it would go on forever, now there were broken hearts.

As Joerg travelled down the healing road, he realised that as much as a broken heart hurts, it’s also a space to be filled with new beginnings. Like a gin at dusk, a moment of in-between. And so he decided to share the superb gin with the world and to call it Broken Heart for him.

Each Gin takes on flavour profiles that are either, or a combination of fresh, dry, earthy, floral and spicy.  All flavours are derived from all across New Zealand and distilled in the South Island.


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