Behemoth Brewery Of The Month!

Behemoth Brewing and Andrew Childs are synonymous. He is the founder, brewer, and beer giraffe of Behemoth Brewing Company. But, how did he get this whole thing going? Well, he had been a big fan of good beer for a long time (dating back to when he collected beer glasses as an 11 year old with a paper run) and one day decided to turn his obsession into a career.

Over the last 7+ years Behemoth has made over 240 beers (and this number grows weekly!); many of those having been small batch, one-offs. Behemoth always loves trying new things and making bigger tasting beers. Life is too short to take too seriously so the only thing we, the Behemoth family, take seriously is bigger tasting beers. Beers that are big, on flavour and fun, and creative, which is shown through our branding and mascot's, Churly, varied attire.

Click here to read the story and check out the full range - or each week we will highlight a couple of the beers that we are super excited about right now for you to check out!



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