Double Vision TinyKen Non Alcoholic Hazy IPA 6x330mL

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Plain and simply put, if you want a beer but are being 'good' for whatever reason, you don't want to be drinking some rubbish hop water.

Meet TinyKen. TinyKen is as innocent as the Milkman saying hi to mum; meet your real daddy of Non Alc Hazy IPAs. 

American Ale, wheat and oats collaborate with Lallemand LoNa yeast to give more body and keep it like a proper beer. Whirlpool Hops balance the malt sweetness with a touch of bitter for that traditional IPA like balance. Big amounts of dry hopping with Mosaic and Freestyle Hop's Hop Kieff smash in flavour and aromas.

<0.05% ABV | 6x330mL



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