8 Wired Brewing!

‘8 Wiring’ Kiwi slang: doing it yourself with whatever’s avail-able.
In 2009, 8 Wired produced their first commercial batch in the Renaissance Brewery for whom Søren Eriksen had been brewing. But y’know, do it yourself. Only two years later they were crowned Champion Brewery by the Brewers Guild of New Zealand. What sets 8 Wired apart from the rest is their dedication to making the best of what they call ‘New World interpretations of old styles.’

Nowadays they have their own flash brewery up in Warkworth, where they put out more amazing beer than ever. Known for their stunning range of barrel aged beers, 8 Wired recently acquired 7 foedres or massive oak barrels, which allow them to take their barrel aged and sour beer production up a few notches. They reckon theirs is the biggest barrel aging program in the southern hemisphere.
Don’t wait for someone else to get you some. Do it yourself.



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