Tasting - The Gin Is In! Continental Curios 25.02.21

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Thursday February 25th, 6.30pm
@The Hamilton Beer & Wine Co.

For our next Gin Tasting, we had asked the question - does Gin have a sense of place? We talk about terroir with wine, national styles with Beer and Whisky ...but with Gin, the use of botanicals leaves the door open to so many options, can we tell the difference between the Gins of Europe, Asia, the Americas ...or little ol' NZ?

Rather than come up with some academic answer, we thought we would test it out, you know ...for science. And invite you along to test it out with us!
We thought it would be a great opportunity to take the taste buds on a journey around the world in Gin, talk about what makes each Gin, and each style of Gin and how best to pair them.

We have been discussing the lineup, and think we've come up with a pretty fantastic lineup from around the globe!
Next week we will be trying:

  • Europe - Gin Raw 
  • North America - Gracias a Dios Agave Gin
  • Oceania - Awildian Coromandel Dry Gin
  • Asia - Kyoto Distilling Ki No Bi Sei Dry
  • South Africa - Clemengold Gold Cape Dry Gin

During the tasting you will also construct amazing G&Ts with a focus on premium tonics and appropriate garnishes that highlight the unique botanicals of each gin, as we look into the unique history of that style. 

Each paired with the perfect Tonic and Garnish to help you level up your GnT game!

There are still a few details to finalise... But if you are as excited about this tasting as we are, seats are $60pp - book your seat today!

Of course we are excited to have you all along! But with a couple of provisos - This is an R18 event, any cancellations must be made no later than 48hrs in advance.

If sold out - please email us in store at shop@beerandwine.co.nz to be placed on the wait list.



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