Plantation Single Cask Barbados 7yo 700mL

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This molasses based rum produced from a pot and twin column stills at the West Indies Rum Distillery was initially matured in Bourbon barrels in the tropics followed by twelve months aging in Partizan brewing casks.

Part of Plantation's Single Cask series, like the rest of the range, these limited editions are matured in a two-stage process, beginning in the tropics and then at the Château de Bonbonnet in France. The point of difference is that the Single Casks are finished in complementary beer, wine or spirits casks, individually raised by Alexandre Gabriel (named World's Best Master Blender in 2012). Aimed at drinkers and collectors alike, only a few barrels are bottled annually with each bottle numbered.

Notes from Plantation... Nose : Fruity notes of cooked apple, raspberry, plum and peach dominate, then followed by acacia blossom honey, walnut and earthy and spicy notes of ginger. Palate : Very zingy and citrusy with a touch of pink pepper, followed by harmonious notes of lemongrass, coriander, spruce. 48.2% Alc./Vol.



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