Old Pulteney 12yo 700mL + 2 Glasses Giftpack

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The classic Old Pulteney! But even better, as this one comes with 2 glasses!

 Established in 1826 in Wick, Pulteney Distillery is the most northerly distillery on the Scottish mainland and at that time was only accessible by sea.
The barley was brought in by sea, the whisky shipped out by boat and many of the distillery workers were also employed as fishermen. Sadly the herring fishing industry is no longer part of daily life in Wick but Pulteney Distillery continues to operate, distilling one of the finest Highland malts available. During 12 years of maturation, Old Pulteney has taken time to absorb the sea breeze creating a distinct flavour and unique product.

Clear, pale gold appearance with a pale straw hue. A minor sulphur note is evident but it lingers underneath light, salty, peppery malt that leaves one with an overall impression not disimilar to fino / manzanilla sherry. The aromas sweeten slightly with aeration releasing hints of fruit. The palate builds into a medium dry, biscuity, grassy profile with a pleasantly spicy burst. Finish is dry and salty. Concludes crisp and fresh with delicate bready notes followed by a late sulphury tang that’s subtle enough to be a complexing factor. In the Scotch Single Malt spectrum this belongs at the aperitif end. It is all the more refreshing for its individuality.

700mL | 40%ABV



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