Oedipus Offline 330mL

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You know that feeling when you’re out, perhaps in a park, and you feel a soft breeze in your hair; you look up where the wind is stronger and some kites float colorful and steady, and you smile because you realize that precisely all you have to do today is nothing, and oh boy, the sun on those Saturdays. You know that feeling? Well, that’s Offline ????????Offline is the Oedipus version of a Witbier. It has flavors from different grains, Belgian ale yeast and European hops, meaning it is a citrusy, fruity and slightly spicy and refreshing Summer beer. It’s available in places and spaces on this planet from now on, and there will be a special themed launch in June-ish. Get ready.

Belgian style wheat beers are very pale, opaque, with the crisp character of wheat, plus the citric refreshment of orange peel and coriander. Ingredients sometimes also include oats for smoothness, and other spices such as grains of paradise. Serve with light cheeses or mussels.



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