McLeod's Smugglers Bay BBA Scotch Ale 500mL

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Some Scottish single malt distilleries frugally retire Bourbon casks by using them to age whisky.In that tradition we put our Traders Scotch Ale down in recently retired Four Roses Bourbon casks.This imbued an already-delicious brew with caramel richness ,complexity and big fresh Bourbon aromas.Drink at ambient.Makes for a brilliant night cap.



Scotch Ale was the name given to a strong pale ale from Edinburgh in the 19th century. This was typical of the strong pale ales brewed in Britain at that time - mainly pale barley malt and moderate hopping, and were not that stylistically different to English Strong Ales or Barley Wines. The name however became regionalised so that a strong pale ale from Scotland became known as a Scotch Ale or Wee Heavy. Beers using the designation Scotch Ale are popular in the USA where most examples are brewed locally. Examples of beers brewed in the USA under the name Wee Heavy tend to be 7% abv and higher, while Scottish brewed examples, such as Belhavens Wee Heavy, are typically between 5.5% and 6.5% abv.



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