Granddad Jack's Greenhouse Gin 750mL

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Granddad Jack's Greenhouse Gin tastes like a beachside Gin should; relaxed, soothing and fresh with a gentle, botanical combination of Cucumber, Rose-hip, Lemon Myrtle, Grapefruit Peel and Juniper.

A gateway Gin is easy to make friends with. If you’re new to Gin or you’ve had a negative experience with the spirit, then this Gin will make it all better!
It’s soft and gentle and full of citrus flavour.

Great company for a picnic on overlooking the beach or while gardening on a hot summer’s day, Greenhouse is a light & refreshing Gin worthy of a Sunday session; welcoming Gin enthusiasts and converting all.  

Best served  with Grapefruit Tonic & lots of ice.

Behind the name: Named because of the love Granddad Jack had for gardening in his beloved Greenhouse.



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