Epic MayZ Hazy IPA 440mL

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For this batch we have used some old school hops which we love using in our Epic Pale Ale and Epic Armageddon IPA - US Cascade and US Centennial hops. Both contribute delicious citrusy, grapefruit notes. These have been partnered with the iconic Citra hops which is also citrusy but contributes tropical fruit characters. As you would expect this is another Hazy IPA with an amazing huge hoppy aroma of fruit and citrus. An orangey haze and flavour so juicy you would swear it was squeezed directly from freshly hand picked sun ripened fruit.

As always there is some silliness with the name of this beer. We previously had HAYZ (pronounced Hazy). MAYZ (pronounced Maize) is released for the month of May and the use of Corn Flakes (Maize is also known as corn). See what we did there?
Anyway we hope you enjoy yet another remarkable Hazy IPA from Epic.



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