Coromandel Distilling Co. 'Awildian' Coromandel Dry Gin 500mL

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Combining a little scientific know-how with a little wilderness, the team at Coromandel Distilling Co have brought together the conventional and the eccentric, the classic and the unexpected. This is the tradition and art of distilling combined with the magic of the land and the sea.
We reckon it’s pretty good.

Born from a premium sugarcane alcohol base. The unmatched purity and ‘sweet memory’ of this base allows the fruity aromas from botanicals such as Pomegranate and Blueberry to perfectly blend with the more spicy as well as the citrus notes. One third of the twenty carefully selected botanicals are either grown in the distillery's very own "distiller’s garden" or wild foraged. Distilled in micro-batches in their custom-made 150L Carl still each batch is carefully bottled into no more than 133 individually numbered bottles.

In collaboration with Callaghan Innovation laboratories this gin’s extraordinary and distinctive flavour has been scientifically analysed and confirmed to be bursting with flavours and aromas achieved through a relentless pursuit of perfection.



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