Behemoth 'There's No Crying In Cricket' IPA 440mL

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The Australian Cricket Team may think they are in “a league of their own” but there is no crying in Cricket! Not that there's anything wrong with crying. Especially not men crying. In fact we should probably all get in touch with our feelings and do so more often, but maybe not after you have been caught cheating and banned for ONLY one year. Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time bro! For this beer we have teamed up with our mates at the Alternative Commentary Collective (ACC) and brewed an Australian Hopped West Coast IPA made with Aussie Galaxy, Vic Secret and HPA – 016 hops. Punchier than an Ocker in Bay 13 after too many watered down lagers. The aromas on this beer are so pungent you can even accuse the Aussie Hops of cheating, just make sure you have some tissues at hand.

6.9% ABV / 440mL



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