Behemoth Hop Buddies Monica & Chandler Hazy IPA 440mL

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Hello, do you have any beers? We’re out of beers. (Help yourself.) You okay? (Phoebe got her own hop buddies, I don't understand, am I so hard to blend with? Is this why I don’t have a hop buddies?) No, you don't have a hop buddies because... I don't know why you don't have a hop buddies. You should have a hop buddies. (I think so.) Come here, listen, you are one of my favourite hops and the most blendable I've ever known. So for the 25th edition of Hop Buddies we’re bringing you the power hop couple Chandler & Monica, Mosaic & Rakau. Prepare for hints of mango, apricot & plum, just don’t pick up any new european habits of kissing all your friends goodbye. Everyone knows a Chandler. The joker, the clown, the transponster. Everyone knows a Monica, organized, loyal, queen bee type. We all know who we are. Woop-ah!

6.4% ABV



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