Behemoth Hermit Kingdom Hazy IPA 440mL

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Who would have thought the day would come where we would quote John Key on a beer… We didn’t see this coming either. We did pretty well eliminating COVID in our first response last year, having the borders closed since March 2020, but old Johnny boy makes it seem like we are living in North Korea or something.

This beer could have been made with all NZ malt, hops, and yeast; but ironically, we have brewed it with not all NZ ingredients. We used NZ pale malt, NZ rolled oats, German Wheat, German Caramell Hells and Caramel Pils, American Mosaic hops, and Citra and Sultana hop oils. I mean let’s take advantage of globalisation while we can. Juicy, hazy, hoppy, loads of stone fruit and tropical fruit flavours and aromas, with a bit of resin from the hop oils. We don’t think we are living in a smug hermit kingdom, really we just wanted to see what Churly would look like as a Hermit Crab… pretty funny we think. This summer we will again enjoy the “Hermit Kingdom,” smugly. We have lots to be smug about with awesome beaches, mountains and scenery. In saying that, us Kiwis despite being flightless are born travellers and damn we are looking forward to going overseas and visiting friends and family again!

6% ABV / 440mL



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